Why you will love Carbon Winches Australia

Why you will love Carbon Winches Australia - Carbon Offroad

Why you will love Carbon Winches Australia

Author: Daniel K  Date Posted:8 October 2017 

A blog post about why you will love Carbon Winches Australia

Carbon Winches Australia are the newest winch brand to hit Australia.

Guess what? We are not just another faceless winch supplier in Australia. You've seen it all before, you know the brands, you know the products, but you just don't really know who you are dealing with. It's easy with Carbon Winches Australia. The dream started over 4 years ago, the KPD Industries team developed, engineered and tested this black beast of a winch before releasing it to the market (www.kpdindustries.com.au). We have been in the 4wd game for over ten years. We have managed our own brands for 6 of these years. We have designed this winch to fit the needs of the majority of the 4wding population here in Australia. We know what it takes to deliver a product which solves a problem, fits a niche, and most importantly keeps our customers happy. We always answer the phone, we are not afraid to answer your questions, of course, you may have a lot of questions about this new kid on the block, the Carbon Winch 12K, and we are ready to help you decide whether this winch is fit for your needs. We are 100% confident this winch will exceed your expectations!

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