MegaPro Hitch, Soft Shackle, Tyre Deflator and Recovery Ring Combo



MegaPro Hitch, Soft Shackle, Tyre Deflator and Recovery Ring Combo


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MegaPro Tow Hitch Receiver, Soft Shackle 

Recovery Ring and Digital Tyre Deflator Combo Deal.

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Kit Includes

  • 1 x Carbon Offroad MegaPro Tow Hitch Receiver

  • 1 x Carbon 10,000kg Recovery Ring

  • 1 x 13,000kg Soft Shackle - Carbon Monkey Fist

  • 1 x Soft Shackle Storage Bag

  • 1 x Carbon Digital Tyre Deflator



The Carbon Offroad MegaPro Tow hitch receiver recovery point - 5 Tonne

Is a premium multi fit recovery point allowing 5 different mounting orientations to suit all types of 50mm receiver hitches whether they be shallow or deep style. 

The recovery point is manufactured from high grade 6061 T6 Aluminium and is carefully CNC machined to a beautiful finish. The recovery point is then anodised in a high grade Type 3 Hard Anodised finish which allows years of trouble free use. 

The tow hitch mount recovery point also has a smooth edged radius cut into the shackle mount, allowing safe use with a synthetic rope soft shackle attachment. It is also designed to accept a 4.25T size Steel bow shackle as well. Either attachment method is available and safe with our recovery point. 

Horizontal and vertical shackle point mounting options. 

One of the great features of the Carbon Offroad tow hitch mounted recovery point is that it is versatile. You can use a soft shackle or steel bow shackle with it and you can also mount it with the mounting eye facing upwards or facing sideways. Some examples of how this can help you in setting up a recovery: 

  1. With the mounting eye facing up the shackle is free to move in the lateral plane, this means that if you are in a situation where the recovering vehicle is not able to get directly in front of the vehicle being recovered, the shackle is able to bend towards the angle of pull without strain or side loading on the hitch eye. 

  2. With the mounting eye facing out sideways, the shackle is free to move in the vertical plane, if the recovery vehicle is up hill or down hill from the vehicle being recovered, this then allows the shackle to line up with the angle of pull whether it be above or below the mounting point position. This means it is able to transfer load safely into the hitch mount. 


The Carbon Offroad Monkey Fist Soft Shackle - Minimum Breaking Strain - 13209KG

Is an absolute winner! The 10mm UHMWPE rope is rated at 13 tonnes minimum breaking strain and with a super heavy duty braided tight sheath over the core, this shackle is built to take some abuse. 

The oversized Monkey Fist knot will ensure that there is Zero chance of the shackle ever coming apart during a recovery. 

The braided heavy duty sheath allows you to go straight through a regular recovery point. Make sure it's in good nick though as the shackles can be damaged if the recovery point has nicks and burrs from previous use. 

Easy disassembly of the shackle after load is applied is just as easy if not easier than a steel shackle. 

You can use rope shackles for a number of uses: 

  • Connecting your vehicle to a snatch strap or kinetic rope

  • Connecting a tree trunk protector strap to the winch hook

  • Connecting two straps together to extend your reach. 

  • It also gives you further options like using it as an attachment point around a chassis rail or crossmember

  • Includes storage bag


The Monkey Fist Solid Recovery Ring

Brings a new dimension to the Carbon Offroad stable of lightweight and strong recovery items.

This solid billet 6061 T6 Aluminium Recovery Ring which is designed to be used with the Monkey Fist soft shackle will allow you to setup a double line pull with your synthetic rope electric winch.

With lasered branding not embossed, CNCed or stamped branding affecting the operation of the ring against the soft shackle, and a low friction coefficient anodised finish, this solid recovery ring will provide years of trouble-free double line pulls. 


Carbon Offroad Digital Speedy Tyre Deflator/ Pressure Gauge

Get let down fast! with Carbon's Digital Tyre deflator

Simply use it to see your tyre pressures or use it to deflate your tyres before heading offroad or on the beach.

Simple and easy to use.

The most effective way to improve your offroad traction and performance is easy as, by letting the air out of your tyres.

You'll love using it with its super smooth operation.

- EL LED Backlit Digital Display 

- Stainless Steel Braided Heavy Duty Hose

- High Quality Brass Tyre Coupler

- Swivel head

- Rubber Gauge outer for Maximum Protection

- 0.1% Accuracy

- Display in PSI BAR KPA KG/CM 

- 0-100 PSI Range

- Powered by 2 x AAA Batteries

- Battery Power Level Display

- 12 Months Warranty

- Auto Backlight - Off after 40 seconds

- Auto Power Off  - after 2 minutes


- 1 x Digital Tyre Deflator/Gauge

- 4 x tyre Valve Caps

- 4 x Tyre Valves

- 1 x Tyre Valve remover

- 2 x AAA Batteries

- 1 x Carry Case




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