Carbon Offroad Universal Winch Cradle Install

Carbon Offroad Universal Winch Cradle Install - Carbon Offroad

Carbon Offroad Universal Winch Cradle Install

Author: James Don  Date Posted:8 March 2021 

Universal Cradle Winch Mount

Why Use A Universal Cradle?


In some cases mounting a winch to a vehicle can sometimes be easy with an open frontend style vehicle like many Jeeps and old Toyota 40/45 series Landcruisers. These are a simple and an easy installation with a few holes drilled into the universal cradle you are then able to line up some factory bolt holes and secure the cradle to your vehicle.The Universal Cradle is easiliy modified, with drilling holes in it, welding brackets and modifiying it to get that perfect fitment for your winch.

A new trend in the 4wd world is also to utilise a universal cradle to mount a winch on the back of a vehicle between the chassis rails for a reverse mounted winch. A reverse mounted winch can become very handy if you have driven into a bog hole and can't winch forwards. Winching out backwards can drastically improve your vehicle recovery. This style of recovery is alot easier with a winch situated on the back of the vehicle instead of running a cable under the vehicle. Which can be difficult if you are in mud up to your sills.

The universal cradle comes with an integrated fairlead mount to also assist you when it comes time to mount the fairlead.

This Universal Cradle Mount  is made from 4.5mm  thick steel and is very compact in size with  90cm long x 13cm wide

It has a small footprint and could be made to fit in most circumstances

Pre-dilled for standard low mount bolt pattern.

A universal winch cradle is the best bang for buck adaptable winch mounting system


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