Upgrade your old suspension to the new Carbon MT2.0 Struts

Upgrade your old suspension to the new Carbon MT2.0 Struts - Carbon Offroad

Upgrade your old suspension to the new Carbon MT2.0 Struts

Carbon MT 2.0 Struts in Jesse's MQ Triton
Jesse couldn't wait to go camping, fishing and 4wding up at Fraiser Island. He's upgraded his front suspension in the Triton to the new Carbon MT 2.0 Struts for improved comfort and better off-road ability. 
The upgrades not only make his truck much more comfortable but also handled the rough terrain like a champ! 
All he needed was some good mates prepared with their own 4wd's for an epic trip!
My Triton that goes anywhere!
If you don't look back at your rig, you bought the wrong car!
Comparing The Old Leaky Struts
Out with the old (left) and in with the new (Right)
Installation was easy with the struts already built by the guys at Carbon, I simply just had to unbolt and replace the whole strut.
I can definitely feel the difference with the new Carbon struts,it's definitely more comfortable and has better control on the roads.   
With the new struts being height adjustable I can get the ride height bang on perfect!  They're gonna be awesome offroad! 
Thanks Carbon     
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Thanks for reading - Happy 4wding!
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