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Carbon Offroad Mega Pro Winch Hook


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The Carbon Offroad Mega Pro Winch Hook is the latest product from the design team at Carbon Offroad. Completely designed, engineered, FEA tested and finished in house by our team, we put all of our collective knowledge and experience together to build a simple, functional and cost effective winch hook which was specifically designed for winching activities. 

This is not a hook that is out of the parts bin from the local lifting and rigging supplier, this hook is completely 100% made from scratch by our local design team and overseas manufacturing facility. We did the design, 3d printed the prototypes, tested form, function, fit and usage, FEA process to make the hook as strong as it could be while removing material where it wasn't required. 

The I-beam hook construction is unique to the Mega Pro Hook. We cast the alloy gate to make it lightweight and durable. The hook is manufactured by a forging and heat treating process using 40cr material. This material is cost effective, easy to work with and responds well in forging and heat treatment processes. What results is an almost indestructible hook that will last a lifetime. We also then process the finish in a durable powdercoating process, similar to the process that your exterior aluminum windows in your house go through, this process is known for long term resistance to UV degradation and protection of the base material. 

This hook can be stowed against the fairlead either flat on both side or on it's end, hook gate up, this gives you the ability to snap on a soft shackle or tree protector loop once handed and walk the rope out to the anchor point. 

The mounting pin is a complete through pin design which is externally secured by a circlip making it simple and easy to mount to your winch rope. 

We really tried hard here to make this hook to the highest standard at the best price possible so that you and you mates can access good gear for reasonable prices. We did this by committing to a proper design, development and manufacturing process that allows us to keep costs down and get product on the shelf in good quantities. 

The hook is safe to use on any winch up to 20000lb. 

The rubber pads on the hook are a press to fit arrangement. They have been designed to be removable so that once you have installed the hook, you can arange the logos in a fashion that suits your particular setup. Once in place you can use some rubber cement glue to permanently secure them. 

 This product is an Australian Registered Design under design number 202116716.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews


Brian Mitchell
Very impressed

Looking forward to testing it out. The quality gives us a air of confidence and safety.

Glen Haley
12k winch

Awesome product turned up super quick, presentation was fantastic but the best feature is that it is a great winch. Couldn't have been better super reliable good winch speed and best of all its Australian made

Thanks for your awesome review Glen, I did just want to point out for clarity, that our winches are designed here in Australia but are actually assembled in China. We have put a lot of effort into the design of this product, lots of RND, material choices etc and have a great local support network here and range of spares all held in Coomera on the Gold Coast. Thanks again for your great review and plkease reach out to us here at head office on the Gold Coast if there';s anything else we can help you with in the futute

Taylor Minogue

Carbon Offroad Mega Pro Winch Hook

Thanks Taylor

Mark Absolom
12k Winch Purchased

Extremely good service and support, great looking product, would highly recommend to anyone

Thanks for this awesome review Mark

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