Snatch Straps Vs Kinetic Ropes

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Snatch Straps Vs Kinetic Ropes

Author: James Don  Date Posted:1 October 2020 

Kinetic Ropes VS Snatch Straps what's the difference?

Kinetic Ropes VS Snatch Straps


So there's a new player that's been making its way into the recovery scene called the kinetic rope. Now the snatch strap has been a recovery staple for many of us.  With many successful vehicle recoveries over the years and has always been included in my recovery kit bag. So why change?


So other than the obvious.. The cost ….what's the difference between a kinetic rope and a snatch strap you ask?

And why pay extra for it?

Well as technology improves over the years with most things - mobile phones, televisions etc. the humble recovery kit has also had some improvements as well.


Well, firstly let's define their use: both are used by attaching a bogged vehicle to a recovery vehicle by the use of a strap or rope to rated recovery points. And both use kinetic energy stored in the rope when the recovery vehicle uses a “yanking” method to assist the vehicle that is bogged while the recovery vehicle uses motor power to assist with the recovery. This style of recovery has been very effective for a long time in 4wding and offroading.So why does it need improvement?


Manufacturing differences


Snatch Strap

  • Made from 100% Nylon which gives it it's stretch abilities (20% stretch)
  • Sewn end loops
  • Woven flat Nylon material

Kinetic Ropes

  • Made from a combination of Nylon6 and Polyester (29% stretch)
  • Woven end for greatly improved strength and durability
  • Inner Nylon core for stretch
  • Woven outer core for abrasion resistance



Pros and Cons Strap/Rope

Snatch Strap 

  • Good on price and value - Pro
  • Has stitched ends(weakness that can fail) - Con
  • Has 20% stretch rate - Con
  • Can only be uses safely a few times - Con
  • Slower to pack up - you could just throw it in a bag but winding it up does make a neater recovery bag - Con
  • Less bulky - once rolled up - Pro
  • Less weight (1 kg lighter) - Pro
  • Doesn't float - Con
  • Not as compliant on both vehicles during the recovery (only 20% stretch) - Con

Kinetic Rope

  • Cost - Con
  • Last longer - Pro
  • Has inter-woven ends for better strength - Pro
  • More abrasion resistant with dual layers - Pro
  • Has increased stretch for softer recovery (29%) - Pro
  • Floats - Pro
  • Fast pack away - Pro
  • Can be used multiple times due to its design - Pro
  • Weights more than a snatch strap approx 1 kg heavier - Con
  • Slightly more bulk to store - Con


To Summaries both the kinetic rope and snatch strap have both good pro's and some con's for you to consider when upgrading or purchasing a new recovery rope/strap.


For me, I would upgrade to a kinetic rope personally as it is more compliant on both 4WD's (recovered/recovering). Which could save money in the long term with less stress on the chassis and it's associated components and is much easier to pack away especially if it's caked up with mud or sand.

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